About Us

We are team Velocirapter and we decided to make an educational website that focuses on teaching the game of American football. We implemented a Pixi/JavaScript game which allows you to run different routes and plays against a defense. This will allow the user to learn American football in an interactive matter, while allowing coaches and players to brainstorm new plays.

We are an enterprising team that joined forces at the last minute. We hope that you learn something from our website!

Group Member Names:
Eli B.
Michael U.
Chris H.
Brandon G.

Fun Facts

1. The Arizona Cardinals had the longest postseason victory drought in NFL history (1947 to 1998).
2. There have been 14 different rushing champions in the past 17 years. There were 14 different champions in the 27 years before that.
3. Julio Jones has three more catches through three weeks of the NFL season (34) than anyone else in history and is on pace for 181 catches this season, which is only 38 ahead of the NFL record, which should tell you something about Marvin Harrison’s remarkable 2002.
4. Sammy Baugh once led the NFL in passing, punting and defensive interceptions in the same season.
5. The Chicago Bears have the most retired numbers of any NFL team with 13.
6. Five teams don’t have any players’ numbers retired. Three are due to a lack of history: Baltimore, Houston and Jacksonville. The other two are because the teams don’t “believe” in such honor: Dallas and Oakland.
7. Jerry Rice and Brett Favre are the only non-kickers to play in more than 300 games.
8. Emmitt Smith still won the rushing title in 1993, the year he held out the first two games of the season in a contract dispute.
9. Steve Young is the only left-handed quarterback in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
10. Andrew Luck already has more playoff passing yards than two-time Super Bowl champion Bart Starr.